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Nick Reddyhoff

Nick's Career started in London in Branding and Packaging Design.

His career moved into Below the Line Marketing. One of his appointments was as Creative Board Director of Marketing Events, the below the line arm of Dorlands Advertising (Now Publicis Worldwide) where he headed his team of Art Directors and Copywriters.

A few years later he worked as Creative Director at Geronimo Advertising. In 1998 he moved to Norfolk and continued to commute to London and work in his role as Creative Director at Geronimo.

Since 2000 Nick has worked in various freelance Creative roles and has Established his continuing international Illustration career. In 2011 he teamed up with Lucinda to form Hoffhaus Design.


Lucinda Reddyhoff

Lucinda's career started in London working in a top 10 worlwide Advertising agency Norman Craig & Kummel in TV Production and then as Art Buyer, commissioning Photography, illustration and creative services for the Creative Department.

She decided to move over to the Supplier side of the Business and worked at Wizzard Studios, Falcon Design Studios (Part of Vallin Pollen Plc)  and then as a Shareholding Partner at Renaissance Graphiservice who were one of the first studios in London to provide Apple Mac Typesetting as well as traditional artwork to the London Agencies. The Studio was also the first to introduce and supply commercial digital illustration to the London Advertising and Below the Line Agencies.

Lucinda moved with Nick to Norfolk in 1998 where she started work as an Illustrators Agent working with the London Agencies and Publishers.  It was the first step in working collaboratively with illustrators moving digital work Via ISDN (now broadband).  Proving that it didnt matter where you lived or worked from as long as you could provide the product to brief and on time. It took the majority of businesses at least 10 years later to work that out and for technology to improve to make working from home and collaborating with others in the same way normal practice!

In 2011 Lucinda teamed up with Nick Reddyhoff to produce digital websites, Flash animations and artwork to print.  Lucinda choses to embrace the machine and continues to update skills as required.


Nick and Lucinda's combined experience and contacts covers a vast array of work PLUS the combination of Nicks Design and Lucinda's digital work results in our clients obtaining a unique quality of service and product.

Call  us on 01485 529 282 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a chat - dont guess if we can or cant do what you need or for your budget - you will be pleasantly surprised with what a positive difference we can bring to your business!